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Domestic STAFF Agency without Frontiers Agentur ohne Grenzen GERMANY  |

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 is specialized with large success since 1993 in the switching of best house personnel for elevated private households in all world......

Established in Munich for over 20 years the AOG domestic staff recruitment agency has a reputation both amongst our clients and our staff, which is second to none.


We are a international super Agency Crew for Domestic Staff Worldwide

Butlers, Valets, House Managers, Major-Domus, Cooks, Housekeeper, Privatsekretary, Pilots, Yachtpersonnel, Married Couples, Nannies, Childs Nurse, Gouverness, Nurse for the elderly, Chefs, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers and couples, Gardeners and Chauffeurs

                  95% of our staff placements are successfull 

All our domestic staff candidates will have been interviewed by our Consultants in the office. 95% of our staff placements are successful. However we safeguard our clients' interests by offering a 12 month period. Should problems arise during this time we provide either a replacement.

A.O.G Domestic Staff aim to offer clients a personal, bespoke service by locating and offering the best possible, long serving, highly skilled household staff, ranging from live in Housekeeping Jobs to first class Butlers, Chefs, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers, Gardeners and Chauffeurs. To this end our guarantee period is offered on all staff introduced by us, and we maintain contact throughout the trial period to ensure the successful placement of new candidates. 

You can either ask us to call you back or send us an e-mail >>>


Our Registration Process for Candidates, at  AOG - Agency without froniers, (Agentur ohne Grenzen) we work closely with you to find you the ideal job, to suit your level of experience and qualifications, your skills and your expectations. In order to register with us, you need please read more .....

About Us

Established in Munich for over 20 years the AOG domestic staff recruitment agency has a reputation both amongst our clients and our staff, which is second to none. All our domestic staff candidates will have been interviewed by our Consultants in the office. The switching exclusively takes place on basis of personal contacts. For more details, please contact us Headquarter Agency Without Barriers (AOG - Agentur ohne Grenzen) Munich South-Germany Bavaria or click call back service

Advice of the Agency The Swiss an the austrian telephone number is a service hotline which routes you to our main office in Munich, Germany. You have to pay only the call to/within Zurich and Vienna. Our office hours are on monday through thursday from 10:00 to 16:00 hrs, and on friday from 10:00 to 14:00


Customer: Stephan of Bismarck, nanny London, qualified employee educator/child nurse in full time, Domestic-Staff London, thanks for the fast arrangement within 14 days. Supplement of this unfortunately, our switched Nanny leaves us, after 12 months, in a good Verhältniss because she has herself professionally in London umorientiert in turn the agency has 14.7.04 within 48 hour, six further good ones Proved against applicant knocked out s t e /(n). Nanny sound starts with consultation our new nanny/everything into best Odnung, thanks A.O.G., to 15804th on 1-12-2004!

from AOG Agency, please visit the complete referenclist



Sincerly CEO Nicole Schichl & Sonja Hartwig
& Carlheinz Schichl SEO CEO + WEB-Design

Beneath you find our latest projects. 

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CEO   Nicole Schichl      AOG Max-Planck.Str. 6.    D - 81675 München    Contact     oo49) +      info@aog-online.de     AOG  INPRINT

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