Housekeeper/Cook,Housekeeper/Nanny, Housekeepers, Houseman, Ladies-Maid, Maternity Nurse, Nanny. Private PA, Tutors, Yacht Crew, Bosun; Chief Steward/ess, Captain, Chef/Cook, Chief Engineer, Deck-hand,Deck Officer, Electronic Engineer, Steward/ess, Corporate, Chef, Executive Housekeeper, Head Chef PA, Receptionist, Restaurant Manager, Waiter/ess, Property Services

Domestic Staff for privat household Agency since 1993 - DOMESTIC STAFF AGENCY

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Domestic Staff We Provide

Agentur ohne Grenzen
seit 1993

Housekeepers, Houseman, Ladies-Maid, 
Maternity Nurse, Nanny. Private PA, Tutors, 

Yacht Crew, Bosun; Chief Steward/ess, Captain, Chef/Cook, Chief Engineer, Deck-hand,Deck Officer, Electronic Engineer, Steward/ess, Corporate, 
Chef, Executive Housekeeper, Head Chef PA, Receptionist, Restaurant Manager, Waiter/ess, Property Services. We provide both residential
 and commercial property services including:  Interior Design Property Management Property Search  Head Gardener ...

Agency Domestic Staff
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